Frequently Asked Questions

I don't see my content posted on Tubexxxlive, why?

Newly uploaded videos must first be encoded before they are viewable on Xvideos. Newly uploaded videos appear on your profile around 1 hour after their encoding is completed and after 3 days in categories and search results.
You can see all your uloaded videos under ''my content'' tab in your account area.


Why would I want to upload my content to you?

Tube sites attract an enormous amount of users. If your stuff is good, it will sell. And if it doesn't, at least you will become more popular. If you are not on the tubes, surfers will forget about you. Our channel system and content program offer many advantages. This system is self-service (for you), unlike the old ways that relied on waiting for gallery reviews and other slow processes.


What is the CHANNEL System?

What we call 'channels' are upgraded profiles with many benefits.


Who can have a channel on Tubexxxlive

This service is reserved for exclusive content owners only, after they have uploaded a few videos.


How can I have my content removed from Tubexxxlive

You can submit your DMCA request here
Video will be blocked and if we don't hear from the uploader, removed.
Name, City and Country are forwarded to the uploader in case of Copyright takedown.


How to I keep track of my deleted videos?

We delete a lot of videos! We understand it's a problem for you if you are embedding us. 


I want to exchange/link to

Sorry, but we do not do this at the moment. But feel free to link to our pages :)